Say goodbye to boring flatware. Our designer stainless steel flatware will be a beautiful addition to any dinner table.

Our Story

Ian has spent a lifetime in the art world. Many years ago, he started the premier bronze sculpture foundry on the West Coast, working with many international artists.

It was during that time that Ian thought about creating sculpture that was the opposite of the “Do Not Touch” art sold in galleries that he created every day.

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Flatware To Match The Meal

The food will be spicy, and the conversation will be interesting.

Why have boring flatware?

With this elegant dinner table art from Ian Wilson Designs, your stainless steel flatware will be as interesting as the conversations you have, and as memorable as the stories that you share, a welcome addition to the dinner table.

100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Don’t believe that ours was the best stainless steel flatware sets youhave ever bought? No problem. Just sent in back within 30 days and get 100% ofthe flatware purchase price back!

No reason required, just return the flatware to us, and we willgive you your money for the flatware back. No questions asked! That is our guarantee to you.

Exclusively Available on our Website

In order to provide you with our unique designer stainless steel flatware at the best possible price, we’ve eliminated the entire chain of distributors, wholesalers and retailers. On this website, you are buying directly from Ian Wilson Designs meaning you get our elegant sets at the lowest possible price.

Because Ian Wilson Designs Flatware is not available at any physical brick and mortar outlets, we offer you ample chance to try our best quality flatware with our 30-day 100% money back guarantee. All you need to do is return it to us, no questions asked! We will refund 100% of the flatware price to you.

If you wish to know more about this guarantee or our products in general, please feel free to get in touch with us.



All good flatware is now be made from stainless steel. The three most common grades are 18/10, 18/8 and 18/0. The two numbers in the name reflect the percentage of Chromium and Nickel in the alloy. For example, 18/10 contains 18% Chromium and 10% Nickel. Of the three grades 18/10 is considered the best for its high rust resistance and strong ability to hold a polish. That is the reason all Ian Wilson Designs flatware is made from 18/10 stainless steel.

Because of the high Chromium content, good stainless steel flatware should not rust under normal conditions. It is possible to get 18/10 stainless to corrode from prolonged exposure to highly acidic food, but rust won't be an issue for the average user. Lower grade stainless steels such as 18/0 are more susceptible, but even they can take a lot of mistreatment.

Before the advent of stainless steel, most good eating utensils were made from silver. When stainless steel was developed, it soon replaced silver in most houses because it was cheaper than silver, had no taste, and did not need be polished. When the term flatware was used in the late 19th century, it applied to both silver and metal utensils. Since then the opposite has become true, with silverware being commonly used to refer to both stainless steel and silver utensils.

Ian Wilson Designs uses the Lost Wax Casting Process to produce our flatware. This is the method used to produce fine sculpture and jewelry. The following video will show you how the process is used to create fine jewelry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1_NZKTewtg

Forging and stamping are the two most common methods of producing flatware. Ian Wilson Designs uses a third, lost wax casting. While there are very subtle metallurgical differences between the metal pieces made using the different processes, there is zero functional difference with regard to flatware. The real difference comes in the shapes possible using the methods. The intricate and beautiful designs of our flatware are only made possible by using the casting process.

Ian Wilson Designs Flatware is exclusively available on this website. In order to offer you our unique flatware at the best possible price, we have you buy directly from us. This eliminates the costly chain of distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. Those savings are passed along to you.

Unfortunately it is not possible to feel the balance and heft of Ian Wilson Designs Flatware before purchasing it. But in order to make the purchase risk free, we offer a 30 day, no questions asked, 100% purchase price refund. If you are not completely pleased with your purchase, simply sent it back to us and we will issue a refund.

If you have any other questions, please contact us here and we will be happy to respond